Letting Go of Old Stuff

I spent this summer in Los Angeles doing a summer internship. After spending countless hours trying to research where to live, I finally found a place that was in my price range and offered a short term lease. The only catch was that the place was unfurnished. I ended up furnishing the apartment with a few items from Ikea, but I resigned myself to the understanding that I'd have to either throw away many of the things I bought which to me felt like literally throwing money down the trash chute. 

But then I remembered those random Let Go commercials advertising their listing site. I downloaded the app, quickly made an account, and in less than 3 minutes I had taken a picture of my items and posted them to Let Go. The biggest item, both in size and price, that I was trying to sell was my dining room table. I worried that no one would want it or be able to come to me to pick it up before I had to vacate the apartment. But within a few hours, I had multiple inquiries about the table. Let Go made it very easy to communicate with potential buyers. The app has pre-generated responses that you can choose from or you can send your own message to your buyers. 

I quickly began negotiating a price for the table with one potential buyer, and after a little back and forth we agreed on a price and a time for her to pick up the table. 

The next day I had 40 bucks in my hand, the table was gone, and I started dreaming of what else I could sell to help conquer my student debt. 

Let Go is the first site I've tried, and I really enjoyed the experience because of how easy the app made things. I know craigslist is also popular, so I plan to spend more time throwing up listings on various platforms and getting rid of a bunch of stuff I don't need or use anymore. Join me!